Carry Strap

Carry Strap

Long ago I bought a EDC key ring, and it was the worst $20 I ever spent. The stitching and hardware wasn't anything that would qualify as durable, I couldn't believe that I paid that much for it. It only worked well attached to my belt strap and not as anything else. So I decided to do better.

Sourced with all US made materials, the Carry Strap is a simple but tough solution to retain your valuables. The Carry Strap can be used to carry keys, trinkets, DSLRs and anything else you want retention on. Perfect for all your EDC needs!

Hand made in the USA with USA produced and sourced materials. Features a spring loaded retention to hold onto the valuables so unless you want to release them, they aren't going anywhere!




MilSpec One Inch Webbing

6 inch loop length and reinforced stitching

Lightweight at 1.5 oz

Never ending coolness

Stitched to never fail

USA Made Clash Hook

Coated Steel Hardware

Genuine Crye Multicam Pattern

  • Multicam
    Sold out
  • Multicam Black
    Sold out
  • Multicam Tropic
    Sold out
  • Wolf Grey
    Sold out
  • Ranger Green
    1 available 100%
  • Kryptek RAID (LIMITED)
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