The Pocket Pouch

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The Pocket Pouch

The Pocket Pouch was developed to add low profile expansion and storage. After several prototypes and focusing on key features with many civilian and professional end users, I partnered with First Spear to make this right here in the United States. It has taken a little over half a year to bring this to market but we're happy with how it came out.

Originally intended to be used as a stash pocket with chest rigs, you can use it with any chest rig with hook backing or in a plate carrier armor pocket with enough space. The main idea being, when the Pocket Pouch is used it allows you to scale up your load potential.

CHEST RIG: As a chest rig backer it allows for increased cushion and airflow for comfort. In addition, it allows the storage of armor panelsadmin toolsspare equipment or to keep straps when the chest rig is not in use.

PLATE CARRIER: When used with a plate carrier, users can store spare medical supplies or emergency equipment.

ADMIN/STORAGE: Other uses include mag storagebattery organization or as an accessory pouch due to the loop lining on the front and both interior walls. The Pocket pouch is compatible with most admin panels and inserts available on market now.

The Pocket Pouch is made out of 500D Cordura on the rear and has low profile loop on the front. The interior features loop lining on both sides to hold inserts and equipment on either side and to protect whatever is being stored inside. Measuring 10 x 6 x 1, the Pocket Pouch mounts and holds anything you need to in a compact package. All Pocket Pouches include two adhesive hook strips for mounting items securely on the inside such as armor plates or other equipment.