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Pocket Pouch (Gen 1)

A simple addition to anyone's kit. Proudly made in the USA. Made to fill the needs of different purposes, the Pocket Pouch is an essential piece of equipment for everyone who needs to stow and access their items.

Made of 500 Denier Cordura with internal soft lined loop walls on both sides. All Pocket Pouches will come two adhesive hook lined strips for attaching equipment to the internal/external loop lined panel.

This item was in the testing phase for over a year to test proof of concept and use. Something that we have developed for and with the guidance of civilians, LE and military guys down range. From the input of other, this was developed following the guiding principles of simplicity, quality and utility. The early prototypes have been used by LE Officers on patrol, adventurers exploring and overlanding and down range by deployed as organization pouches.


ADMIN: Allows for protection of sensitive items and mounting of hook based accessories such as inserts and admin panels.

PLATE BACKER: Allows armor panels up to 9x6x2. Hook adhesive can be included to provide a more secure fit.

CHEST RIG: Allows stowing of equipment (chest rig straps) or additional tools or magazine in the pocket while providing increased air flow/comfort for the user.

General Pouch: Features soft loop on one side for ID/Morale patches and internally has loop lined interior for item organization. Stow check books, passports, IDs or other items that need to be secured.

Some pictures are shown with accessories/equipment, all sold separately.

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